viernes, 29 de agosto de 2008

Free Woman

come and sit
speak to me
in your ancient toungue
tell me your stories
I will listen, I will love

you teach me to value rain
I have always loved it,
but did not understand
what life is
without it

sing to me, I will clap to your rhythms
teach me to make bread in your oven
my hands have never been this close
to the fire
but I know they will not burn

teach me to draw water
to crack Argan
to use the stone grinder
teach me to dance like you do
teach me to speak
so I can respond to you

your eyes are beautiful
between the cloths of your white veil
when they are the only thing I see
there is no way to miss their charm

teach me to sing with your
harmony and melody that come
from your past
I have never heard such voices
flowing like river over stones
the tone changing
when I least expect

teach me patience,
you wait with grace for everything
for rain, for warmth, for water
you work for hours cracking Argan
building the fire, making bread,

teach me to count time with the moon
teach me to love your people like you do

teach me to be like you,
to be a hard-working, hospitable woman
to be strong, to be perseverant,
teach me to value my life,
like you value yours
beautiful moroccan, tamazight woman

can you tell me where
your people came from?
there are traces now, only traces
I know

you are the owner of your land,
you are free to stay or go
though you stay, with your home, with your Argan
you stay because you are free
you stay, free woman
tamazight woman

E Greenman

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