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Basic Tashalheet Vocabulary- #1

Basic Tashalheet Vocabulary- #1

(there is no standard transcription of tashalheet, so until I study my phonetics this will have to do)

Hello- Azul (or mostly used is the Arabic "Peace be upon you"- 'a Salam u aleikum'- its response is 'u aleikum a salam')
How are you?- Manik an tgit?
What's up- Ma tawat? , Ma tskart?
Are you happy?- is tfjjijt?
Are you content?- is trishkt?
Fine, thanks to God- Labas, nchkr Rbbi
Things are good- kolshi bikhir
I am happy- Fijjijgh
Things are peaceful- thena loqt/ iHna Lhal

And you (f) ?- ima kmmi?
And you (m) ?- ima kiyyi?

What is your name (f)?- Ma dam ism?
What is your name (m)?- Ma dak ism?
What is his/her name?- Ma as ism?

My name is...- Ism inu…
Call me…- Ism iyyi

Where are you from? (m)- Gh mani tgit?
Where are you from? (f)- Ult mani tgit?
I am from…- Gigh mn...

Why?- Makh
Where?- Mani
Where is..?- Manza?
When?- Manuwg
What?- Ma
Who?- Menwa
How many?- Mnshk?
How much/many?- Mnaw?

Where are you going?- mani trit?
Where is…?- Mani gh illa?

The bathroom- bit- lma (this is Arabic but used in tashalheit). Always excuse yourself for referring to something dirty with 'Hashak' after it. Ie. 'Manza bitlma?, hashak'

What is this?- Maiga ghwa?

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